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By way of introduction, let me first explain that I am not your “normal” attorney. I planned to go to law school in the early ’80s when I was fresh out of Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering. I had planned to be a patent attorney. However, for a myriad of reasons, I did not pursue my patent law dream then. I never forgot about that dream, though.

Fast-forward almost 20 years. I had a relatively successful career in the natural gas industry, working for natural gas utilities, brokers, and marketers. However, my natural gas career was cut short when I lost most of my eyesight and much of my vitality to diabetes in the late 1990s. I received a dual transplant: kidney and pancreas. I was revived... but still very blind!

I became bored, and as I am sure most people would do, I thought, “What about that old law school dream of mine?” Well, I took – and passed – the Patent Attorney Bar exam as a warm-up! Based on that success, I enrolled and graduated magna cum laude from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in 2004. I passed the Ohio Bar exam on my first try. I was now a patent attorney, just as I had dreamed all those years ago. Don’t get the idea, however, that dreams are perfect. I do not practice patent law because my lack of eyesight makes it nearly impossible to read drawings and other visual images. Instead, I now have a practice that focuses on criminal defense, and domestic and juvenile law that I find very satisfying.

I tell you my story certainly not to boast, although I am proud of my accomplishments. Instead, I tell that story to perhaps inspire you and, since this is the commercial for my law practice, to let you know a little bit about the attorney representing you if you chose me to handle your case.

In my representation, I attempt to be very “big picture”-oriented. Every action, especially a legal action, can sometimes lead to unwanted reactions and consequences. Thus, I try to counsel my clients about more than just the matter at hand. I attempt to be more compassionate toward the people involved, but I will be straightforward with the legal solutions I recommend. Further, I try to do this without breaking your piggybank. According to feedback I have received from clients and acquaintances, my approach is very different from that of most attorneys. If this is the kind of lawyer you are seeking, perhaps my practice will meet your needs.

Thanks for visiting my Web site. A more detailed listing of my main practice areas and court privileges is included below. If you have a legal issue, feel free to contact my office, and we can discuss whether my practice can help you with your situation.



Child custody
Child support
Parental visitation
Defense against County Children Services Agency intervention

Criminal defense of both adults and juveniles
Defense of all levels of crimes, from multiple felonies to misdemeanors to traffic offenses (including OVI – a.k.a. DUI)
Extradition defense
Probation/Parole violations
Driver’s License issues (including suspension, revocation, or unlawful entrustment)
Juvenile traffic offenders
Felony Non-Support of Dependents cases
Truancy defense

Lorain County Court of Common Pleas in Elyria, Ohio
Elyria Municipal Court
Lorain Municipal Court
Oberlin Municipal Court
Vermilion Municipal Court
North Ridgeville Mayor’s Court
Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas in Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland Municipal Court
Rocky River Municipal Court
Lakewood Municipal Court
Berea Municipal Court